Nicosia (Lefkoşa) – the capital of Northern Cyprus, is located in the center of the island.
In the narrow old streets of the city you can find offices, cafes and shops, along with old
buildings and sights of different historical periods and architectural styles.
The city was founded around the VII century BC. When the French kings of the dynasty de
Lusignan were in power, the city became known as Nicosia, in the French manner. Once the
power passed to the Venetians, the city of Nicosia has become more like a fortress that served
to defend the city. Now the city is divided into two parts.



Famagusta is a city on the southeast coast of the island of Cyprus.
In the Middle Age the city was one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean. This region is
very famous for its rich historical heritage.
Famous Famagusta fortress with its great fortifications is situated in the center of the city.
The fortress was built in Venetian epoch and in 1570 nearly a year it restrained a siege of
50,000 Turkish army. There you can also find Othello castle, where the events of

Shakespeare’s famous drama probably took place, numerous Orthodox and Gothic churches,
built in different historical epochs. Friendly owners of small shops in the old narrow streets of
Famagusta always offer various goods and the best in their opinion on the entire island.



Kyrenia is situated on the northern coast of the island at the foot of Kyrenia mountain range.
Over the past decade, a small town turned into a megapolis, and ranked the first in the
Turkish part of the island by tourists visiting.
Thanks to the mild climate and beautiful mountain view, Kyrenia is a popular holiday
destination throughout a year. The historic center of Kyrenia and its famous harbour have
become one of the visiting cards of Cyprus and remain a perfect place for relaxing walks at
any time of the day.
Well-known Kyrenia castle is also situated here, which was built in VII century. In Kyrenia
mosques, orthodox and catholic churches peacefully coexist side by side.
In and around the city Gothic Bellapais Abbey and numerous buildings of Venetian style
have preserved to the present day, as well as the ruins of the three castles built on the tops of
the Kyrenia mountains: St Hilarion, Buffavento and Kantara.
Numerous and hospitable cafes, coffee shops, bars and shops open in Kyrenia.



Lefke is a town and municipality located at the Gulf of Morphou in the district of Güzelyurt
in Cyprus.
It is a mixture of coastline, green hills, citrus and olive plantations.
The well-preserved ancient city of Soli is located nearby Lefke, which dates from the VI
century BC. The ancient city has Roman Amphitheatre, the Basilica and the ruins of the



In Turkish, Güzelyurt means “a beautiful place”. This town of North Cyprus is famous for its
large plantations of citrus and strawberries, which you can always buy in abundance at any
local market and shop. Thanks to a completely quiet and measured pace of life, this region
allows to fully experience the charm of a cozy country life. The local museum houses a rich
collection of archaeological treasures collected from such places as the ancient Vouni Palace
and Soli. Perfectly preserved monastery of St. Mamas with its stunning chandeliers and
collection of Orthodox icons is also situated in this town.

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